Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Those damned hippies!

A couple of days ago I read an article -- Washington Post? -- which I cannot find.  Too bad, because it was thought-provoking. The middle-aged author was using his mother (who must be my age or a bit more)  as an example of how counter-culture people  had provided  many of the supporters of the Trump movement but  more importantly many people who rely on Fox News for their information.  "My mother," said the writer "was a hippy in the 60s and hitchhiked across the country in the 70s.  Then she turned into one of those people who rant constantly about the stories she finds in Fox News."

Well, if like me you have witnessed the changes in American society in the last half century, you know some people like that.  Being a hippy was not just about peace, love and understanding; it was about rejecting conventional authority, and a vague anarchism.  (I remember a meeting of young supposed libertarians at the World Science Fiction Convention of 1973; they were so repellent that a friend of mine who had up till then called himself a libertarian never did again.)

I have mixed feelings about the Grateful Dead's Uncle John's Band, and have for quite a while.  Do you blame me?

Image:  Their walls are made of cannonballs.  Wall by Alexey Shestak.

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