Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Echo on the CBC -- science fiction, Metis history and graphic novels


It is easy to make fun of the Canadian Broadcasting Company/Radio Canada or (for some people) take offense of its so-called political correctness but it really is often a blessing.  I was sitting in a car this afternoon listening to an hour-long show on books (!) and was introduced to a fascinating author,
Katherena Vermette, whose laterst work is a graphic novel, Pemmican Wars, volume one of A Girl Called Echo.  Echo is a contemporary Métis who is (I'm guessing here, I only learned of this novel a few minutes ago) saved from alienation by having a mysterious power to travel back and forth through time.

Sounds good!

But I'm mainly writing this post out of appreciation for Vernette, who gave one of the best interviews I've heard recently on the CBC.  Among other things she talked about how another Canadian author's work as making "the skies open and angels sing."

Imagine how that author must feel to have her works so described on national radio.

Alas, I don't know her name, but somewhere on the CBC site I am sure it can be found.

Image:  Red River carts,  designed and built by the Metis, who were an important element in the fur trade in Canada and Rupert's land.  Here is a whole train of Métis wagons setting out to somewhere.

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