Monday, September 25, 2006

War today, again

Back on July 24th, while the most recent war in the Middle East was still raging in Lebanon, I wrote a post called War Today, in which I commented that "certainly non-state actors have done well against superpowers in the last generation."

Another way of looking at this is that big, expensive, technologically sophisticated military establishments have done, and indeed are doing poorly against movements and organizations that the media call, with doubtful accuracy, "militias."

Have a look at this New York Times article about the poor condition of United State Army's Third Infantry Division and ask yourself, what mighty enemy has inflicted this damage?

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  1. One of the effects of rushing untrained and unprepared troops to Iraq will be that they will be ten times more likely to create antagonistic incidents with Iraqis, and, ultimately, commit attrocities. This in turn will precipitate more chaos, more resentment, more hate, and more disaster for America. In the meantime, the sole aim of the Harper administration in Canada seems to be to hornswaggle us to do the American's fighting for them in Afghanistan.... but of course, since the Taliban and Al Kaida are in Pakistan,and that American ally cannot be invaded, it will simply be a perpetual machine for grinding Canadian soldiers into hamburger. I suspect that Harper has quoted "by-the-pound" rates to the White House for Canadian meat.