Thursday, June 21, 2007

Early history or living in the future?

I sometimes wonder whether this blog, originally conceived as an adjunct to my university teaching, has become too much of a general purpose site, including as it does lots of things that aren't directly about "early history."

Today, however in reading the Medieval Studies blog In the Middle by Karl Steel, Eileen Joy and J.J. Cohen, I felt reassured. Today's post is linked to an older one by Joy and commented on by Cohen, which clearly shows that these two scholars share my feeling that the various themes found here can shed light on each other.

Do read that post.


  1. One of the reasons I like your blog so much is that it doesn't suppose that the past is divorced or free from present and future. So to the question of "early history or living in the future?" the only answer can be YES.

  2. Thank you, Steve, for this lovely plug of our blog. I read your blog often and was first attracted to it because a) I am somewhat deficient in what might be called "early early history," and b) because you write about contemporary events, such as the Iraq War. So, thanks for that.

  3. I like the sure surprise of coming here and having *no idea* what the new topic will be. I know you will or could tie it in to medieval history, and ancient history, and art and movies. When you don't sometimes a connection occurs to me anyway. I love the seeming randomness of it (though I'm sure it's not so random in the context of your life and thoughts).