Sunday, July 08, 2007

Zsa Zsa Gabor meets Ataturk

Ataturk was the founder of the secular republic of Turkey from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, and one of the most fascinating of the between-the-wars strongmen. From the blog Progressive Historians, a story -- true? -- of one woman's meeting with him in later life. I've given you a link to Part IV -- page back for more, wait with me for the rest of the tale.

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  1. Neil Huff12:51 pm

    I know this story is true. In 1965-67 I lived in Bebek, Istanbul and my wife and I came to know a Turkish ship owner and his wife. His name now escapes me, but he was one of Ataturk's intimate friends.

    One evening following a party, the shipping magnate told us about Gabor and Kemal Ataturk and further said, with his lovely, smiling wife beside him, that he became Gabor's lover for a while after Ataturk became ill. Not only that but he also had a number of photos showing Kemal Ataturk,and Gabor and himself in various circumstances. So I know the story about Gabor and the Turkish leader are absolutely true.