Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Don't believe in miraculous visions seen by famous dictators?

Like, say, Constantine?

In addition to the example above, taken from English Russia, see more here.


  1. I saw one these events (they are more common the further north you go). They are traditionally called "sun dogs".

    Also read of them being important politically during the reign of Gustavus Vasa, but can't remember the story. Does it ring a bell with you?

  2. Google is your friend:


  3. Many thanks. And what a fabulous article it is, too, recommended to anyone who comes to this site.

    Hmm, the word verification that just came up to access comment mederation is "scwoojt". What a wonderful word! I hereby declare that it means "to have nailed the exact answer by googling".

  4. That's amazing, I was looking at the Zoroastrian symbol, Faravahar, & thought, "hum, that sorta looks like a symbol I remember... " & I'll be damned if it isn't the third image I find on a query... comes back to Nipissing!