Sunday, November 01, 2009

Word frequency in Charny's Questions on War

Courtesy of Wordle ( I made a word cloud showing what words Charny used in his war questions. Click on the image to see the Wordle at proper size.

I am not surprised that "Charny" and "arms" are big; but I am rather taken aback by the size of "prisoner" and the near invisibility of "knight."

Wordle: Charny's Questions on War


  1. Captain shows up fairly prominently. I wonder if "he" or "that one" or some such similar word (which Wordle filters out of word clouds) is being used to refer to the nearly absent knights?

  2. For practical matters what seems to matter is whether one is a "man at arms" and not whether one is a knight. For some matters of honor whether one is a knight or a squire seems to be important.