Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Breaking news for once -- Canadian government (can be held) in contempt of Parliament

Update: Title changed to reflect the somewhat ambiguous ruling of Speaker Milliken.

As per the ruling of the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, who gives the Government (the PM, his cabinet, and the Conservative caucus) and Parliament (the other parties in the Commons) two weeks to solve their conflict. And then? Doesn't exactly say!

Rough(?) quote from Milliken via the Globe and Mail.

It is the view of the Chair that accepting an unconditional authority of the executive to censor the information provided to Parliament would in fact jeopardize the very separation of powers that is purported to lie at the heart of our parliamentary system and the independence of its constituent parts. Furthermore, it risks diminishing the inherent privileges of the House and its Members, which have been earned and must be safeguarded.
Back to the Good Parliament...

Another update: Globe and Mail account, April 28.

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