Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Any of my grad students out there?

I will be teaching a seminar in Nipissing University's Masters program in history this year. I believe that it is called HIST 5216, Topics in European History, but what it really will be is a seminar nicknamed "Medieval Historians." I do not expect that any of my students who come into this course knowing a lot about medieval historians or even the Middle Ages.

If by any chance, any of students in the fall come across this post, and has a little time on the hands, let me suggest you go here to read something I wrote back in the 90s that will help you with at least the first third of the course. It is The Overview of Late Antiquity, a brief summary of what I learned about the earliest Middle Ages, also called Late Antiquity, during the time I was a graduate student and a young professor digesting a tremendous amount of material thrown at me during my education. It is specifically aimed at an audience that needs some basic concepts and terms spelled out for it. Even though we all have to start at a pretty basic level in any subject, there are too many good short guides in any field. This was my attempt to write one.okay

If anyone else wants to read it, you're surely welcome.

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