Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Best summary of the results of the Iraq war so far

One of the McClatchy bloggers -- an Iraqi reporter for the best American wire service -- looks for celebrations of Sovereignty Day (formal end of the Coalition occupation) , can't find them, and realizes why:

Then I called the Baghdad Municipality office – They must know if an event is to take place in Baghdad, but, no, there was nothing.

"Last year we were informed weeks in advance in order to make preparations – It's 2.30 already and until this moment we have received nothing. I doubt very much that there will be any celebration tomorrow".

Still not convinced that the incumbent government is not taking advantage of this anniversary to boost its standing in the talks to form a government (that are not making any progress), I called our source within the interior ministry – Maybe he had an idea.

"Sovereignty Day?? What sovereignty?? And who is to hold the celebration?? The government? What government??" [The elections some months back have still not produced a ruling coalition in parliament; there is only an interim government and negotiating parliamentary factions. -- SM]

I put down the phone.

Indeed – What sovereignty? And what government?

This occupation opened the door for powerful winds – and they entered and are blowing, still.

Iraq has become a plain on which international and regional forces are struggling for supremacy. A tug of war between the Shiites in Iran and the Wahabis in Saudi – between the Kurds, whether in Iraq, Turkey or Iran, and the Arabs – between forces that want to keep the country together and forces that want to rip it apart.

And in the midst of all this – I think the government has actually forgotten Sovereignty Day.

It is as if Sovereignty Day does not exist.

There you have it.

Image: Iraqi sandstorm.

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