Thursday, June 10, 2010

The great battle continues in Egypt

Ever since Muslim armies took control of Egypt, the relationship between Muslim governors and Christians has been a source of controversy. As Aljazeera English points out in this video report, the practical answer to such problems -- pretty typical of most empires at most times -- that the conquered people should be allowed to maintain their own customs under their own (religious) leaders, this answer can be a problem itself.

Note: the church architecture, Christian art, and ecclesiastical costume. I've never seen them so clearly...

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  1. Plus ca change ----- the interesting film "Agora", which describes religious conflict in Egypt during the 4th Century AD, has finally found a North American distributor. Unfortunately, it will only be seen here in a drastically cut version. A main character in the film is the linear precedent of Pope Shenouda, and the issues are similar.

    It struck me that the Coptic clergy is far more interested in this issue than it is in the fact that Copts in Egypt are overwhelmingly poor and face serious discrimination.

    It also reminded me that eternal vigilance against those who would join Church and State is necessary priority for all civilized human beings.