Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fight over the Canadian census

...and its mandatory long form.

The issue is that the federal government is ending the practice of requiring a certain number of people to fill out a detailed census long form, under pain of law. The government says that a larger number of voluntary forms will be just as good. Anyone who uses the statistical databases that result from the census disagrees, including a great many businesses. The chief statistician of Canada has just resigned, probably because he feels that his advice has been mischaracterized by his minister.

This is the biggest deal going today. The Globe and Mail's article had attracted 1616 comments last time I looked a few minutes ago. That's a lot of comments.

Unfortunately, if you look at them, many of them are from the same idiots who like to bait each other on any political issue. Still 1616 is a tremendously large number for that forum.

Image: from, even though this issue has nothing to do with gay marriage or gay anything.

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