Friday, July 23, 2010

If you are Irish... one good generation all you get?

Image: Canada's gain.


  1. The Peoples of the British Isles

    The IRISH, who don't know what they want . . . but will fight like hell to get it

    The SCOTS, who pray on their knees . . . and prey on their neighbours

    The WELSH, who keep the Sabbath . . . and anything else they can lay hands on

    And the ENGLISH, who consider themselves a self-made people . . . which is a great relief to the Almighty.

  2. Thanks for the repost.
    The fact that a lot of this misery was caused by a 'bubble' makes me wonder what if any measures Governments can take during economic good times to prevent or minimize the effects of 'bubbles'.
    It would be an interesting research project to see how easily Irish immigrants jobs in their field in Canada versus immigrants from outside the British Isles. Do Canadian businesses still prejudice towards British names?