Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Fresh Air - The Fillmore, 1971

Never saw them live, but even on vinyl they were phenomenal.


  1. Very guitar oriented song. Long solos, mixed to emphasis the guitar over the singing (usually the opposite way around) and almost no footage of the other instruments in the band. Nice tune.

  2. Anonymous6:30 am

    I actually saw them last year, or rather I saw a band using that name, double-heading with what now passes for Jefferson Starship. Aside from the one original QMS member present (who looks worryingly similar in the video here, the skinny one lurching uncomfortably at stage left, though he's grey now) and the new singer they have for the Starship (who was, all credit to her, excellent, both when pretending to be Grace Slick and when singing in her own voice) the two bands shared all members and none of them were much good, even Marty Balin which was sad. I half wished I hadn't bothered, and had wondered whether the QMS reputation was justified or if it was just Cippolina (whom I know from his few collaborations with a Welsh band called Man). So I'm glad you posted this as it helps see what the actual fuss was about. They did do this song when I saw them, but I wouldn't say I'd seen it before for all that...