Wednesday, August 18, 2010

North Bay drivers pass a litter test

When you renew your vehicle license in Ontario, you get a little sticker, about a centimeter by 2 centimeters, that you put on the right upper corner of the metal plate to show when your license expires. The sticker is mounted on a piece of paper, and there is a smaller piece of paper that covers the adhesive backing of the sticker. Either of these papers could be dropped by a lazy or sloppy person, the though dropping the big one might be pretty obvious and even embarrassing if you cared about the public landscape. The little one, however, is so small that you would think that letting it fall on the ground would be the easiest thing.

This all occurred to me when I went to the bureau to renew my license plate and then came out to the parking lot to apply the sticker. As I stood there with a small, easily dropped piece of paper in my hand, I looked around to see if anyone in the parking lot had in fact dropped their trash on the pavement.

Not one had.

Image: a random North Bay parking lot.

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