Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What Iraqis think of the pullout

I am indebted to the Iraqi journalists who report for McClatchy, an American news service, from Baghdad. In recent days they have been interviewing a number of their fellow citizens about the significance of the American pullout.  Here is a part of one of those interviews, by Sahar IIS:

Widad Hameed – retired high school teacher - over 70 - proud grandmother of seven:

(Are the Iraqi security forces capable of keeping the peace - or not?) "No, I do not believe that the Iraqi security forces are capable of handling the security. Over and over again they have proved that they are incapable, and violence is on the rise. I believe they lack the knowledge, the training and the will to stand up to the challenge.

(Will violence escalate when the USF pull out??) (Long pause..) "I am torn between two considerations answering this question. Firstly – I am strongly opposed to the presence of foreign troops on Iraqi sovereign soil – and therefore hope to see them leave as quickly as possible – This is on principle. But on the other hand, I am afraid of what might happen after they leave. I have no great faith in the abilities of the ISF and feel that the chaos in our political situation will be reflected upon the security scene as the politicians slug it out and violence will rise and the people will pay. As for the Americans – The chaos we are witnessing is a result of their failed plans, and I don't think there is anything they could do at this late date to make a difference. Had they wanted to achieve better results, they should have been more serious about training and arming the ISF – commanders and ranks alike – Seven years should have been long enough".
There is more at the Inside Iraq site.

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