Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nipissing University, pictures from September 2010

Every time I go on sabbatical, it seems, a new wing is thrown up at Nipissing University. I come back when everyone else has already gotten used to the alterations, and I feel like the new kid even though I've been here for 20 years. Not that I'm complaining!  Although I missed the good company I had out in the portable when I first came here (not to mention the peace and quiet), it took little effort to adjust to the good facilities of the H Wing. And now the R Wing is up and running; and although it's not really new anymore, this is the first year I've  had the opportunity to use it (one class in R the 313) and I am enjoying it a great deal.

How so? Well, it is a matter of the view.  We always tell people how beautiful the setting of our university is, and it  is quite true that it is beautiful. However, if you are inside the complex we share with Canadore College, you seldom get a good look at it.  Sure, most offices and some classrooms have windows, but they don't  exactly give access to a panoramic impression.  

Until now.

When I walk from my office in the H Wing over to my seminar classroom in the R Wing, both on the third floor, I get this gorgeous view of the pond, of Canadore College, and the trees of the conservation area  from the corridor windows.  Here are some pictures I took during one of our many rainy days in September; but sometimes a gray day really brings out of fall colors. I will let you judge; but if it doesn't come across to you it is probably due to my limited skills as a photographer.

Architects! Well done!

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