Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Links I used for today's lecture in HIST 3805, "Scholars and Sufis"

Some of the recent material I used.  In the case of YouTube pages, the comments are often very instructive.

Scholars and legalism

The Order for Hijab in the Holy Qur'an  -- a modern guide.

Road to Hijab urges readers to love hijab.

Blog entry on wearing hijab in Cairo, 2008 -- a visitor observes recent practices and attitudes in Egypt's capital.

Sufis and mysticism

Healing Power of Sufi Meditation -- Chanting that evokes the Prophet.

Sufi Whirling – OSHO in India -- sufi practice borrowed by non-Muslims.

Sufi Trance Project – Infinity
-- a modern face?
Sufi Dancing in Saskatoon  -- it cuts across many boundaries.
A Sufi poetry collection -- love poems to God?

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