Friday, January 07, 2011

William Morris' Order of Chivalry

An on-line edition of William Morris' 1893 Order of Chivalry can be found here.

We have an outfit called Sovereign Press Canada, down the road from me in Barrie, Ontario to thank for this reproduction.

It contains Caxton's translation of Ramon Lull's Book of the Order of Chivalry, the Old French L'Ordene de Chevalerie, and Morris' translation of the Ordene, The Ordination of Knighthood.

It also includes some famous examples of Morris' woodcuts, most notably the one above.

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  1. The frontspiece was designed by Burne-Jones. Morris cut some of the earlier wood engravings for Kelmscott, but I'm pretty sure he had given up on cutting wood-engravings himself by the 1860s.