Friday, March 04, 2011

Some conference papers on formal deeds of arms

Much of my scholarly efforts over the past decade has been analyzing formal deeds of arms in the later Middle Ages. These efforts, as is usual in academia, have generated a certain number of conference papers.

Usually such papers are not published without being extensively rewritten and (usually) expanded. And in fact readers who own my book Deeds of Arms will have seen most of these ideas.  But for those whose interest in the topic is more casual, or who are just making some initial explorations of such subjects as 14th century chivalry, these papers may be of some use.

Conference Papers on Formal Deeds of Arms

We May Lose More Than We May Gain: Boldness and prudence among Froissart's warriors

Chivalric Deeds of Arms as Politics: Courtenay, Trémoille and Clary

The Moral Calculations behind Medieval Deeds of Arms

Non-noble deeds of arms in the Late Middle Ages

I hope you enjoy them!
Image:  Rod Walker preparing for a modern formal deed of arms.

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