Thursday, June 02, 2011

War in heaven

A Turkish Facebook friend linked to this.  I have a strong suspicion that this is how the beautiful billionaires and their beautiful acolytes actually live -- and compete.

Update: I know what this reminds me of -- the movie Blood of Heroes...not the fighting, but the Podunk aristocrats who hung around the competitors.


  1. This is how people live in Studio 54 in 1984

  2. Hell, I used to live like this!

  3. Oh some certainly do. Bios with stories of $130,000 bar tabs for multi-million hockey players etc.
    China's richest man, Zong Qinghou eats in the company canteen and estimates that he spends less than $20/day. "I spend less than my employes, he says, "simply because I have no time." (Bloomberg Business Week 21 March 2011). Bill Gates on the other hand has spare time so he plays bridge. :)
    Still not as much fun as a $100 book.

  4. Anonymous4:59 pm

    If the disputes of the rich were all decided by dance-offs and rap contests, firstly things would be a lot more amusing, healthy and peaceful, and secondly people would care a damn sight more about words.

  5. I did not mean *all* rich people...but the *beautiful rich.*