Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beamish and Puffing Billy!

In County Durham there is an amazing outdoor museum called Beamish, where various structures have been relocated and restored.

So there is an Edwardian high street, a coal mine of the 1850s, a "home farm" of the late 19th century, a Georgian-era gentleman's country house of the 1820s, and more.

Somehow I managed to miss this amazing place until now.

One of the best parts for me were the vehicles and the steam engines. The high point, a ride on an 1820s train pulled by Puffing Billy!


  1. I spent two years working there! A year in the town and a year in Pit Village. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it :) If I'd know you were going I would have had you say hi to some of my friends!

  2. Wow! This might be bucket list material. While it is unfortunate that the original is gone I'm pleased that you were pulled by a modern replica. I would not trust any steam vessel of riveted construction approaching 200 years in age. I envy your tour. I expect a full report over a Creemore Spring Ale during August.

  3. OK, I *TOTALLY* take back my "lame post" complaint about your recent train museum post. This one more than makes up for it.

    Who's a cute little steam engine? You are, Puffing Billy!