Saturday, July 09, 2011

Miscellaneous York

Most oppresive monument in York: a very fine medieval style pillar commemorating -- the South African (Boer) War. I have passed it many times this week and it bugs me every time. Perhaps because it reminds me of more recent colonial wars? I have found the new statue of Constantine-as-Caligula and its slouching treatment is pretty creepy, but the South African War monument gets under my skin.

New lows in British food: the chip butty. Which is chips on a burger-style bun. Hey, it's cheap and filling! And to think I was once shocked by beans on toast for dinner.


  1. Hey. There's nothing either new or low about the chip butty. It's been a staple of northern diet for decades at least.

  2. I bow to your superior knowledge of the history of northern cuisine. As for low, we may have to differ. What's your view on beans on toast?

  3. Very fine. Especially with Worcester sauce.