Sunday, December 04, 2011

Mixed feelings about this

Comments welcome.


  1. I quite like this. Often we say that in 'today's society' men no longer practice the virtues we popularly call chivalry. This implies though that there's something missing on the woman's side... something worth being chivalrous for. We’ve lost that too...

  2. I like it. I think it refers to a modern, or at least a Victorian ideal, rather than a medieval one though, and that is why historians (such as yourself) might take issue with it. The back handed slap against the "ones not worth it" is like, totally medieval though. One wonders what the criterion is....

  3. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Well, it's false even in its own terms for a start. I've known plenty of women who declared themselves in favour of chivalry and weren't worth dying for, and some of the most wonderful women I've known can't stand the idea. Of course, I'm not very keen on the idea of dying for anyone, either, which probably biases me somewhat. (Unless the maker of the macro actually does mean girls, as in children, in which case as a parent slightly different ethics cut in. But they don't mean that, do they?)