Friday, February 17, 2012

Resurrected! Two articles from Florilegium by S. Muhlberger

Way back when -- in 1984 -- Florilegium, the journal of the Canadian Society of Medievalists, was looking for content, and I, a newish Ph.D., was looking for an opportunity to publish.  I was still mining my dissertation research on Latin chronicles of Late Antiquity, so what I had was not one but two pieces on the "Copenhagen" Continuation of Prosper, a seventh-century chronicle which preserves some interesting fifth-century and at the same time gives us access to a seventh-century point of view on the "fall of Rome."  One piece was an article-length appreciation and analysis of the Continuation; the other was a translation of the text, which despite being edited by Theodor Mommsen in the Chronica Minora, was hardly accessible in an easily readable form in any language.

Florilegium took them both, and I was very grateful.

Earlier this month I was thinking about these articles, considering whether I should perhaps turn them into an e-book.  The very next day I got a letter from the current editor of Florilegium asking for permission to reissue them electronically as part of a general reprinting of past issues of the journal!

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