Monday, April 23, 2012

My fourth-year seminar, 2012-13

As per usual, next fall I will be teaching HIST 4505, "Topics in Medieval History."

For the benefit of any of my students who stop by here: the topic will be "Chivalry." It's a big subject, especially if you bring in all the various points of view: what poets, chroniclers, preachers, and knights themselves said chivalry was, or should be.

Here's a pre-course reading list for any of you who might be really enthusiastic. It's taken right off the NU library catalogue, and it's just a sample; there is plenty more where that came from. Read one of these, and you have a good head-start; read a second one and you are really off to the races.

CR4509 .B37 1974
Knight and chivalry / Richard Barber.

CR4513 .K34 1996
The book of chivalry of Geoffroi de Charny : text, context, and translation/Richard W. Kaeuper,

CR4513 .K44 1984
Chivalry / Maurice Keen.

CR4519 .K347 2009
Holy warriors : the religious ideology of chivalry/Richard W. Kaeuper

CR4529.E85 K33 1999
Chivalry and violence in medieval Europe / Richard W. Kaeuper
CR4529.F8 P3
French chivalry : chivalric ideas and practices in mediaeval France / by Sidney Painter.

CR4553 .H84 2005
Deeds of arms : formal combats in the late fourteenth century / Steven Muhlberger.

DA185 .C64 1996
The knight in medieval England, 1000-1400 / Peter Coss.
DC33.2 .B59 1998
Strong of body, brave and noble : chivalry and society in medieval France / Constance Brittain Bouchard.

DC96.5 .W75 2000
Knights and peasants : the Hundred Years War in the French countryside / Nicholas Wright.

HN11 .D7813 1980
The chivalrous society / Georges Duby ; translated by Cynthia Postan.

Image:  One medieval take on the ideal knight, bearing the symbol of the Holy Trinity.


  1. No "L'Histoire de Guillaume le Marechal"? Sniff, sniff, sob...

    Brad DeLong

  2. Would you were teaching this as a Distance Learning Seminar. SCAdias might just flock......