Wednesday, June 06, 2012

How important was the War of 1812?

It is easy to be snarky about the War of 1812.  Someone on the radio today did precisely what I have done in the past -- compare the North American war to the invasion of Russia.  I always follow that quip up by referring "of course" to the fact that the war was a real turning point for Canada.

But today I have reason to wonder.  I was in a university library looking at the section where they keep books on 1812 written from the Canadian point of view and I noticed that there are more books on 1837 than on 1812.  A LOT more.


All you readers, US, Canadian, or Other can now look up 1837.

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  1. 1837 indeed. Got itself a decent beer named after the event, with a great graphic.

    When I think of the War of 1812, I think of how little Canadians have to celebrate for it:
    - there was no such thing as a political entity Canada
    - or much sense of one
    - it was a British victory
    - and the balance of power that let the British win was Native allies
    - the promises made to them were not kept