Monday, July 16, 2012

Medieval minstrelsy reconstructed

What should appear in my mailbox this morning but a newsletter from Boydell and Brewer entitled the Medieval Herald. This newsletter is much more substantial and interesting than many of the electronic commercial flyers I get. For one thing, it includes some very good interviews with authors, who all have the knack of making their work accessible – or have been edited very skillfully. Makes you think that maybe their books would be accessible too. One feature in this issue of the Medieval Herald will be of interest to a number of my readers I'm sure. There is an interview with Linda Marie Zaerr, who works on the performance of middle English romances. And what you know, she has a whole page of links to her performances. I will include one below, a short one, and if you are interested, you can follow up here. Her YouTube statistics are not very good, which makes me think that hardly anybody has discovered this resource yet. Here is Prof. Zaerr on the vielle (fiddle) performing an excerpt from Bevis of Hampton:

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