Thursday, December 20, 2012

Whatever happened to the Arab Spring?

John Keane, historian of  democracy, offers this analysis.

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  1. Why can't we have an article on some part of the world without immediately talking about America and her odd policy of supporting tyrants on one side and struggling revolutions on the other? 'American foreign policy is this 'insert region's name' is full of hypocrisy.' That could have shorten the article by a 1/3 and we would know as much as before reading it.

    The article gets interesting when it talks about the viewpoints of the people who actually live there. I learnt something new. Alas the changes in the Arab world is also full of hypocrisy "democratic principles are everywhere contradicted by struggles for power that bear little or no resemblance to professed intentions, or defined strategies." So perhaps the problems are not unique to a Super Power. I pray that the people of the Arab world can sort out there many struggles so that they can raise their children in peace and security.