Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Stars My Destination!

Gully  Foyle talks to a loquacious robot addled by radiation:

“Why? Why reach out to the stars and galaxies? What for?”
“Because  you’re alive, sir.  You might as well ask, why is life? Don’t ask about it. Live  it!”
“There’s got to be more to life than just living.”
“Then find it yourself, sir. Don’t ask the world to  stop because you have doubts.”
“Why can’t we all move forward together?”
“Because you’re all different. You’re not lemmings.  Some must lead and hope that the rest will follow.”
“Who leads?”
“The men who must…driven men, compelled men.”
“Freak men.”
“You’re all freaks, sir. But you  always have been freaks. Life is a freak.  That’s its hope and glory.” 
“Thank you very  much.”
“My pleasure, sir.” 
“You’ve saved the day.”
“Always a lovely day somewhere, sir.” 

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