Monday, February 11, 2013

The Maple Leaf Dog with snow on his nose...

...true patriot love in his sad brown eyes!

Stringband was a Canadian folk group of the 1970s.  They wrote the best patriotic song I know:

My immediate circle of friends was quite fond of this song, and became more so when we realized that some of the band memmbers lived on the same block as Darrell Markewitz and I.  As did the Maple Leaf Dog!

This time of year my wife and I have plenty of reminders -- Maple Leaf Dogs with snow on their noses are a daily occurrence.

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  1. David Tallan7:30 am

    I was always partial to "Dief Be the Chief Again". I also like the MicMac Song. If you weren't aware of it, Stringband is available on CD (as well as some of Bob's more recent work (Gabriola V0R1X0 is some of his best work, I think, although he prefers The Roses on Annie's Table). You can get them here.