Friday, February 22, 2013

The remarkable book by Sebastien Nadot, Le spectacle des joustes

Update:  I have not finished yet, but feel I should post my conclusion about Nadot's book.

For the period covered, the 15th century, it is the most thorough book I know.  It compares to Noel Fallows' equally thorough book on Iberian jousting -- though the books are quite different, since they rely on different sources.  Likewise it is quite a bit fuller than my Jousts and Tournaments, though again availability of the sources  accounts for much of that.

What I like about Nadot's treatment is that he is interested in all aspects of the phenomenon:  the fighting, the riding, the symbolism, the facilities built, the role of judges and heralds, the role of politics, everything.

Recommended for serious students of formal deeds of arms. And it doesn't cost the  earth.

Further update:   Nadot has another book from 2010, available at Amazon Canada.  All I know is the title, "Break the Lances:"


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  1. Good enough for me. I'll track it down and buy it.