Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Great Reversal: How We Let Technology Take Control of the Planet by David Edward Tabachnick

David Tabachnick of Nipissing University (i.e., down the hall) has a new book, The Great Reversal:
Every day, we are presented with new technologies that can influence human thought and action, ... Have we let technology go too far in this respect? In The Great Reversal, David Edward Tabachnick contends that this question may not be unique to contemporary society. Through an assessment of the great works of philosophy and politics, Tabachnick explores the largely unrecognized history of technology as an idea.
 The Great Reversal takes the reader back to Aristotle’s ancient warning that humanity should never allow technical thinking to cloud our judgment about what makes for a good life. It then charts the path of how we began to relinquish our deeply rooted intellectual and practical capacities that used to allow us to understand and regulate the role of technologies in our lives.

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