Saturday, June 22, 2013

You are history

A friend of mine wrote this perceptive piece.  An excerpt:
“I want to make sure we get everything back to where it belongs,” [An institutional librarian] said.
I nodded. “You know, you should get some deacidification spray and treat each page. Also, make a note as to when you drew them, and sign them.”
He looked at me like I was nuts. Deacidification spray is expensive. “Why, they’re just sketches for my own use.”
I smiled. “No, they are wonderful documentation of exactly how each of these rooms was arranged in early 2013.”
“So now you use them, treat them, and then file them away in one of your flat files. They’ve just become part of the history of this place, and in a couple hundred years some researcher will delight in holding these simple drawings of yours.”
He looked down at the sketches in his hand. “Huh.”
"Yeah, you’re history.”

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