Sunday, June 01, 2014

Chivalry Today: Scott Farrell interviews Christian Cameron

It is the first of June and I'm going to celebrate this beautiful day by taking a moment to talk about Scott Farrell's interview with the historical novelist Christian Cameron.

I was enough impressed by Cameron's novel of the 14th century, The Ill-made Knight, to review it in this blog. Somehow, I missed the fact that an interview on the same subject had appeared in the exemplary website Chivalry Today. Anyone who is interested in modern ideals of chivalry, and why people still find it attractive despite obvious reasons they shouldn't be may very well want to have a look at this.

Cameron comes across as the very intelligent person that he is. But I should point out that I am extremely impressed by Scott Farrell here and elsewhere. He is as good interviewer as you will find in any walk of life. I don't know if he  would be interested in doing other kind of work that had nothing to do with chivalry but if I was looking for an interviewer, I'd be knocking at his door.

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