Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More Rumi

Someone who does not know the Tigris River exists

Brings the Caliph who lives near the river

A jar of fresh water. The Caliph accepts, thanks him,

And gives in return a jar filled with gold coins.

Since this man has come through the desert,

He should return by water. Taken out by another door,

The man steps into a waiting boat and sees

The wide freshwater of the Tigris. He bows his head,

What wonderful kindness that he took my gift.

Every object and being in the universe is a jar

Overfilled with wisdom and beauty, a drop of the Tigris

That cannot be contained by any skin. Every jarful

Spills and makes the earth more shining,

as though covered in satin. Rumi, translated Barks

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