Saturday, May 05, 2018

Interviews on the Chivalry Today site

Do you know Scott Farrell's web site for Chivalry Today? It's here.
As you might guess from the title, it is devoted to relating historical chivalry to...chivalry today. One of the best things about it is that it includes many interviews with people who one way or another study and re-create chivalry. Scott is an excellent interviewer and he manages to get something good out of all of his guests.
There is one problem with the site. It's got so much good stuff that finding any specific interview is a bit difficult.
I realized recently that although I've been interviewed twice by Scott but that it isn't easy to find those interviews. So I am putting up posts on my blog and Facebook to alert anyone who might be interested that yes, indeed, the interviews are still available.
Both interviews consist of Scott and I discussing my research into "deeds of arms" and "chivalry" in the Middle Ages.
The first interview is here
The second is here. Segment 3

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