Sunday, November 10, 2019

What all girls ~ 12 years old in Windsor talk about ALL THE TIME

Today at the Anglican church I attend it was a mixed bag.  Usually the pastor is really good, makes me think of famous medieval preachers (who unfortunately usually got into serious trouble).  His main sermon was quite all right but not one of his best.

The church service had begun with a Remembrance Day (Veterans' Day for you Yanks) which was put on for the benefit of the Scouts, the Wolf Cubs, and the Girl Guides.  This benefit I did not appreciate at all.There were quite a few of these kids and our pastor mixed with them, drawing them out in a humorous way.

Then it happened. He asked a group of maybe 12-year-old girls "What  is it that girls your age talk about all the time?"  And the girls answered in unison CARS.

Tell me, was I set up? This is Windsor, after all. Was somebody else set up?

Anyway I much appreciated that moment.

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