Monday, December 12, 2011

A great site for historical pictures of Toronto

Here's the link, and a couple of samples.  Thanks to Andrew.

Yonge Street in the 70s:

Chorley Park, an official residence of the Lieutenant Governor, 1910s:


  1. The building, and the cost of the huge dinners served there to David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill, and Queen Marie of Romania, among others, angered the Ontario public so much, during the Depression, that Mitch Hepburn's Liberal Party was elected on the platform of getting rid of it. Hepburn saw it as a symbol of the "codfish aristocracy" he despised. It was finally sold during his second term. It served as a hospital during WW2, then was torn down in the fifties. The circular driveway over a bridge still survives in Chorley Park, but there is no visible sign of the building itself.

  2. Here's another fascinating historical Toronto timewaster: