Sunday, December 11, 2011

Iceland's president explains -- democracy was on the line

In the financial crisis of 2008-, Iceland refused to saddle its citizenry with huge debts incurred by private banks, despite tremendous pressure from European governments and institutions.  Today the president of Iceland described the danger to democracy at that time on CBC Radio's Sunday Edition.

Have a listen and learn:
  • How 15 demonstrators stood between police protecting the PM's office and rock-throwing protesters, preventing who knows what.
  • How when all of Iceland's allies turned their backs on Iceland, or made terrible threats against it, only China (!) was willing to discuss aid and support
  • How "Gordon Brown [UK PM] will be remembered in Iceland when he has been forgotten in Britain."
You will have to listen to, or skip over, some other material at the beginning of  the segment.

Image:  One of Iceland's other minor problems during the same period.


  1. Start at 9 minutes into hour 1.
    Does Michael Enright actually dress like this, or is he pretending to be a British physician consultant?

  2. I have seen him in a similarly eccentric outfit before.