Friday, December 09, 2011

It's not cannon law, people

It's more like this...



    In the general population it doesn't bother me as much- they've likely never actually seen the term, only heard it. But anyone writing in an academic setting really should know better.

  2. Oddly, it pops up in Fandom all of the time. Is this book/movie/storyline, canon? I suppose that's why they call the book outlining the "universe" in which a story is set the "Bible" (i.e. Straczynski gave Paramount the Babylon 5 Bible before they rejected his show and made Deep Space 9. Some later books are not canonical to the B5 universe.)

  3. Anonymous12:15 pm

    I keep seeing the opposite, talk of armies fighting with canons. The images this conjures up are not, I think, the ones intended by the writers. (Guided missals next, no doubt...)

  4. There was the famous battle early in Islamic history between Ali, who was then Caliph, and Muawiya, the governor of Syria and Ali's successor, where Muawiya's army came out with copies of the Quran tied to their spears, calling for arbitration instead of civil war. They got it, but it didn't solve the underlying problem.