Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Battle of Nations – a BBC documentary

Thanks to the person who alerted me to this documentary on four British newcomers taking part in the Battle of Nations competition of 2013.

Given that at the same age I was taking part pretty actively in something similar – SCA combat based on the use of safer weapons but with no limit on the force used – I have say this looked pretty loony to me nonetheless.

Two moments from my first viewing: the documentary says that the British combatants were "cultural ambassadors" representing their country in international competition. I have to say that I choked on my coffee when I heard that.

Second, back when I was helping to invent the SCA, attracting girls was definitely a major motivation for us young male fighters. It is sad to report that these young Brits seem to be total failures at this aspect. Drinking yes, girls no. What's with that?

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