Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Previewing "Wargames: from Gladiators to Gigabytes"

I have been asked to review this book for a major journal. It will take some months for my review to appear (especially since I just got the book today and have read just a few pages) but it is worth saying right now that dipping into the book has convinced me that it's going to be a very interesting read. The author, Martin van Creveld, is a very well known and prolific writer on military history and strategy, and this book is based on his extensive reading and the thoughts he has had on wargames as a result of that reading.

I am reluctant to say this is a good or a bad book based on a half an hour's reading, but if you're seriously interested in the varieties of wargaming through the ages you probably want to have a look at this book.

Image: yes, a realistic view of female wargamers comes with the price of admission.

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  1. Anonymous3:21 am

    (BlogSpot seems to have eaten my first try). If you have time, you might want to at least glance at Phil Sabin's [I]Lost Battles[/I], book-length designer's notes for a wargame designed by a professional historian. I enjoyed it but had some methodological concerns, especially his treatment of the armies which the Greco-Latin historians disapprove of; there is a review on my blog.