Saturday, February 02, 2019

Should I continue to blog?


I spent most of December trying to debug my computer, and as a result I got very little writing done.  This led me to wonder -- is this blog necessary?

I started it back when personal blogs were rare.  If I found an interesting article or post and included them in my blog, I could feel that I was likely performing a service.  Also, I was teaching history, and the blog was a good place to preserve interesting topics more or less relevant to my courses.

I haven't been teaching since 2015, and the amount of interesting material available through commercial sites or twitter is much, much larger than it once was.  My time and energy is devoted to bigger projects (The Chronicle of the Good Duke, and "Murder," which may both be coming out this year).  And of course my health is not what it once was.

My readership, according to Blogger stats, seems to be OK.  But I would like to know what those numbers represent.  So I would very much appreciate hearing from you if you do in fact read this blog.  Tell me how often you read it, what you find valuable in it, and let me know if it has a place in the world of reading.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog because I find your informed insights, particularly interesting especially when weighed against Twitter. A blog can provide a thorough and thoughtful indepth perspective on a subject, whereas Twitter can only provide headlines at best.
    I also thought you were a nice guy when I had a small conversation with you a few years back in Kalamazoo. :)

  2. I read your blog periodically as time allows. I find it to be a good source for topics on chivalry and the chivalric life. You see books that do not cross my path but that I am interested in. And it is always good to see that you are still writing actively.