Saturday, February 02, 2019

Where do the waiters live?

Back in the early 80s, I travelled regularly to the Bay, where a friend of mine, in the time between my business meetings, showed me around the cultural sights.  The food he introduced me to was particularly wonderful.  I remember a Cambodian restaurant where the food clearly was influenced as much by Paris as by grandma's kitchen.

My friend and I talked about many subjects.  One of the most passionate rants was my friend's terror at the prospect of being pushed out of his apartment -- a not-unlikely prospect.  He had a decent job, but no security against sudden rent increases.

Which made me wonder, in this city of restauants, where did the waiters live?

My recent reading has included much material about California, which seems to be taking, once again, a leading role in the evolution of modern culture.   This article, If San Francisco is so great, why is everyone I love leaving? sadly describes how people who don't have family money, or who did not early on become skilled programmers just can't live a decent life in the city.  You can't do something interesting and useful, like open a bakery. 

These people who are fleeing from SF would count in most people's judgment as "middle class." Whether that is still a useful category.

I, however, still have the old puzzle buzzing around my brain: Where do the waiters live?

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