Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How it works

I try to resist commenting on every twist and turn of politics, but if this is recent stuff I still think it falls within my educational mandate to reproduce this post from Ezra Klein's blog:


By Dylan Matthews

It's instructive for people my age who are thinking of careers in foreign policy to know that you can back death squads in Central America, deny mass atrocities, brazenly defy Congressional dictates, get convicted of withholding information from Congress, back a covert coup d'état, actively undermine the peace process in Israel, and be in charge of implementing the Bush administration's "freedom agenda" and end up with a senior fellowship at the Council on Foreign Relations and an offer to be CFR's president should Richard Haass leave. I believe the term for this is "perverse incentive".

Atrios' eyecatching post linking to Klein/Matthews:


It's like clown school for mass murderers.

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