Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some variety

Readers have learned to expect a certain amount of variety here, but a certain early/medieval/world history emphasis overall. So I am turning away from Iran for the moment and including two items more relevant to the name "Early History."

From the UK, a commercial site that has contacted me before sends along a link to a nicely illustrated piece on The Seven Most Impressive Libraries in History. They had the good taste to include the libraries of Timbuktu.

Also, Paul Wren notified me just now that a blog carnival on anthropology and related disciplines named Four Stone Hearth has just issued its most recent version. I have just skimmed it, but I see it has Neanderthal finds plucked from the sea (first time ever), Paleoindian finds at the bottom of Lake Huron, and a "Viking" boat and weapons in Sweden's Lake Vänern. Pretty soggy stuff, but I'm sure you can find something drier if you really look.

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