Monday, December 11, 2017

3000, more or less -- and a new book

Blogger tells me that the previous post is number 3000.  That's not quite accurate.  I started blogging on a different platform, and I was very active on the blog back in the pre-twitter days.  Also the 3000 posts that Blogger counts includes drafts saved by the blog.

Still, it seems that a celebratory note is appropriate.  ESPECIALLY since yesterday I started another a new book, an English translation of Le Tournoi de Chauvency.  Le Tournoi is a verse account written in 1285 of a tournament in the north of France.  The poem seems to be a lighthearted celebration of the "noble, beautiful and good people" who took part, either as participants or as audience.  It's one of the few tournament accounts about real people.  Most such descriptions are about tournaments in Arthur's court or at least in Arthur's time.

So have a festive breakfast! I will say more about Chauvency soon.

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