Friday, December 15, 2017

Yes music for the day: Foot Prints

 A bit of self-indulgence here (OK, more self-indulgence).

As some of you know, the British "progressive" rock band Yes is one of my favorites.  I started listening to them in 1970.  For various reasons, I didn't follow them after 1973, and they fell out of favor with the taste-makers, so I had little encouragement to go back to them.  A few years back somebody gave me a near-complete collection of Yes and to my surprise I found that what I liked about Yes, the soaring instrumental music, was well represented  in most of the later albums.  Listening to the music through earbuds, I find myself in the best songs sinking down through layers of astonishing interwoven beauty.

I attach a  YouTube piece Footprints. Up until 2:20 both the music and lyrics are rather sappy.  But I find the rest astonishingly good, especially the music but even most of the lyrics.  The sections that begin at 2;20 3:30  4:50 7:40 ;will show you what I mean.

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