Thursday, June 07, 2018

Election Day in Ontario

Today is the provincial election day in Ontario.
It's an odd day. In particular, people are taking it very seriously; as well they should, given that the Ontario equivalent of Trump (the small time equivalent) has a lead in the polls. He has the potential of doing a lot of damage.
But there have been dangerous elections before. In none that I can remember have there been so many SCA people talking about the elections on SCA forums, including whom they intend to vote for. Granted, I wasn't paying attention to the Bush vs Gore election before election day.
My wife and I walked to our poll, holding our registration certificates in our hands, and we were greeted with smiles and positive comments by people on the street, who recognized the cards we were holding. In side the polling place, things were equally cheerful. It was overall a very cheerful occasion.
Image: No! No! No!

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